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Property Cycle

Most people do not know that property has a predictable cycle.  In this course you will learn when the  property market may next crash and why it is much more predictable than most people think.

lower your risk

The property market can be a very risky business. We will show you how to build your property business in a way that actually lowers your risk and to take advantage of opportunities in every market.

Road Map

Everyone has different motivations as to why they want to develop a property business.  When you complete this course you will have your own Road Map to success. 


Property Developer

Jim purchased his first investment property, a student HMO in 1973. 

His financial gain from property allowed him to start a retail business in 1983 with very little borrowing. He then developed this business into four convenience stores and a petrol station before selling up in 1990. 

He was debt free and moved his young family to live in Florida until returning to live in the UK in 2000.

His current business, Fyneside Developments Ltd, which builds quality residential homes was first established in 2003. 

It is fair to say he is no stranger to business and property and will be your guide in these courses. 

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