Weekly Group Coaching

 £100 + VAT per month

How we help you:

Weekly 1 hour Zoom call
All questions answered
We will review the sites you have found
Review your viability assessment
Motivate you to stay on track
All call recorded

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What's Included?

Weekly 1 hour Zoom call

Tuesday 7pm till 8pm

Weekly 1 hour Zoom call:  Get your questions answered and listen to the questions of others. You will learn so much. 


Tell us what you are going to do and do it!

Accountability: When you declare to your fellow participants what you are going to do over the next week, you are much more likely to do it. 

Deals Reviewed

Not sure if your deal stacks up?

Deals Reviewed: Not sure if your deal stacks up, then let us review the deal and point out things you should consider before going into negotiations. 


Be motivated or motivate others

Motivation: Property development like any business can be a lonely game and by staying connected with others trying to achieve the same result this will help you stay motivated. There is a lot of comradery in this group with a very positive attitude. 

Learn how to start and build a a successful property development business. 

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