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Change Curve Stages

Denial: It’s a natural reaction to deny that there is a need for change and in fact it is not happening. In a change sense, typical words that are used at this stage are, “It won’t work here, we have tried it before, why is this happening to me?”

Resistance: After learning that this change is not going away, we sometimes can’t see a way out of the situation and say things like “This will never work, there is no need to change, everything is fine the way it is”

Exploration: It becomes clear that the change is here to stay and changes in our lives may need to happen. We start to explore the idea and say things like “OK, maybe this will work, there might be a way, let’s give this a go”

Commitment: We have now accepted the change. We adopt the new way and have become capable of working effectively within the new situation.

Jim J Davidson
Jim J Davidson

Property Developer, Trainer & Coach, Jim's first property investment was an HMO in the student district of Edinburgh in property in 1973. His company Fyneside Developments Ltd. began developing new build residential properties in 2005.

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