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 So I thought it nice to do something different for this video. I'm going to take you on a walk around the outside and inside of the project house that we've been filming over the last year. And just give you an update  where we currently are. So it'll give you an opportunity to see where we are and just as luck would have it as I started to film this video that the rain has started. So I guess you're going to find that my glasses could do with windscreen wipers . So anyway, let's go and have a look around here. As you can see all the scaffolding is now down and, we've started on the block work. You can't actually see the block work unfortunately, because it is currently covered, with a protection because of the cold weather. It's currently about two degrees, but it has been a lot colder than that. And in fact, I don't think it's rain. I think it's actually turning into snow. 

I think this was a great idea to do this, I chose the best possible time to do it. Anyway, what you're seeing here is, the stone, for the stonework on the outside of the house. And in fact, actually there's two different types of stone.  We have, the stone in here, which are called cornerstones. Now these are actually specially selected so that they actually go on the corners of the building, and then under here, we've got just the regular stone. Anyway, we'll be doing a video on that, soon so that you can actually see that that in operation. We'll go onto the inside of the house now. 

And, here is at the back of the house, what you can see is the, work has been, taken up to a certain level and we've erected scaffolding back. So is that we can actually take this right out to the level of the large clotting. I think it's time to go inside. There's just getting a little bit too wet out here. What we're going to do is actually go in the kitchen door. This is going to be a double door. Outside in this area here is going to be Pacuare. So here we have the kitchen and you can't really see it an awful lot because we've got still a lot of boxes around here. the kitchen sink, which is nice. So the black sink, as you will see, here, we're going to have, over here is a larder covered in, there's going to be fitted a double oven, a microwave oven above it, space there for the dishwasher. 

And then here is going to be an American style fridge freezer, that has actually just been delivered to today. And the other appliances are already here, but we won't be putting them until the end because obviously they're going to get a lot of dust on it. there's going to be tiling, all the way round the, this area here. And it's actually, we're going to use the same tiles as we're going to use on the floor. And I'll show you those, shortly through the double doors here we enter, the main entrance into the house And so when you come through this door, you're going to come into this lovely big  hallway. Very spacious, with the Oak staircase going up there, nice electrical cupboard underneath the stair. And then we have here, the utility room 

And, as you can see room for a tumble dryer and washing machine, for the sink and they are underneath the cardboard. And, one of the features I particularly like is that there is an additional door from the outside coming into this. So if you come in with your muddy boots, It gives you a great place to be able to change before you go into the main house. And then off to the right hand side here, we have the main living room and this is a big, nice big room as five and a half meters by five meters. So very, very big area. And we'd give you the ability to have, essentially probably a settee there, there and there almost in a horseshoe shape. It's got full electronics, we've got the ability here to either have a television on this wall, or you can have it at a lower level by using these sockets down here. So we go back through the double glazed doors out to the living room lounge. We have, the door they are to the site. We have a back bedroom here, which again is very large with, circuitry on the wall there, for again, for a television to be on the wall. 

So just to give you some idea of the size of this room, which is pretty messy, right across, let's see about there, you'll see there's a socket on the wall. And then over there, you see the other socket in the wall. And if you look at the space that would be for that, it's actually, we take a six foot wide bed. And if you look at the space from that socket to the wall, you get some idea of how big this room is this lovely room. That's the door going into the toilet. And in fact, it's what we call a Jack and Jill toilet. So that gives you the ability to go out through this room or go through from the whole way. And there's Kevin and he's doing an excellent job here, tiling the tiles in the en-suite bathroom. You want to say, hi, Kevin? Hi there. We'll go up the stairs. And we come up for the landing. Now, one of the features of this house is that we have this big beautiful full window looking out onto the golf course. And there is, as you will see, it can be seen right from downstairs. So this very high ceiling then goes up to this rather neatly, constructed part of the ceiling, which has got many angles. It's going to make quite an attractive feature, well done to Stuart and the boys for creating that. 

Then we go into, one of the bedrooms upstairs. There's two bedrooms upstairs. This is the maller of the two bedrooms. Again, a fair size. If you look here, we have the socket, one side of the bed and then the socket, the other side of the bed. And as you will see quite, a big area there to the wall, either side of the bed, and that is at least six feet, I think is actually more than that, to be honest across. so a good size room again with the, cabling, to allow you to have a TV, important storage space. these will have mirrored doors. all the doors internally are Oak doors, obviously still to be finished. And then we have the en-suite bathroom for this. In fact, all the bedrooms in this house have on suite bathrooms. 

And, so here, this is just being finished or at least should I say, has been tiled is still to be grouted, but that's going to be a shower, a good size show, 1.2 meters wide by 800, deep. And there's going to be, back to the wall toilet. and that is where the flush plate is going to go for the toilet. So, most of the workings concealed behind, this, bulkhead. And then, this bit here is where the wash hand basin is going to go. And you'll see the basin in the other bathroom. And we come back out of the bedroom. And if we turn off here, we have an excellent room, which is about three meters by three meters. this is, would be ideal as a home office and therefore we've put in cabling to accommodate that. 

But also it could be, could be a bedroom. In fact, estate agent told me that if you can get a double bed in here, then you can call it a bedroom. So actually we'll take a double bed, not an awful lot of space around it, but nevertheless, that's how it goes, I guess, going past the balustrade there and we come into the master bedroom, again, very good size bedroom. And if you just, again, look at the sockets there on the wall at least, six feet across, and you've got a substantial amount of space there. This house has under-floor heating on the ground floor and upstairs we have radiators. Now, one of the features of under-floor heating is it doesn't give the same, heat output as a conventional boiler would. And therefore the radiators that you have upstairs, have to be either much wider, or they need to be double paneled. 

And in fact, this room would normally only have one radiator in a traditional type build. we've put a radiator on each wall. So it was that, that can compensate and the double panel radiators. So giving off a lot less heat but, because of the volume of radiator space, is giving, enough there to heat this room. The other thing is that the insulation levels in this house are very high so that, that will help in itself. and then we've created in here a walk-in closet, so plenty of storage space, here. 

And, if that wasn't enough, we go down towards  the further closet here that is going to have mirrors on it and a further closet here that is going to have mirrors on it too. And then we go through, into the master en-suite and straight ahead there, you will see that there's going to be a walk-in shower, on there, the wash hand basin, and that's, they're all going to be the same in each of the bathrooms. And again, the back to the wall toilet, this will be tiled right up to the level  of the windowsill here and carry right the way round tiled, obviously in the shower. And then there's going to be a bath here, which is not fitted yet. 

But the pipe work is in there and also a linen cupboard in the bathroom so that it gives some great storage space for towels and any other sort of like accessories. So what's still to be done in the house while we still to add some of the electric fittings, some of the spots, there's still some work to be done on the outside the stone. Work's got to be completed the electrics on the outside to be completed. We've got lights going all the way round the house, uplighters and down lighters. They're incorporated into one unit,  also the drainage is still all be connected. We've got a satin septic tank to put in and then the landscaping on the outside. So creating the patio areas there and the soft landscaping, internally we've got to finish off, fitting the bathrooms. 

So the tiling has got to be completed in all of these rooms in terms of we've got the kitchen, the utility room, and then the three bathrooms have got to be completely tiled. Then the fitting of all the sanitary wear within the toilets, the final fitting of fixtures in the kitchen. And then of course, we got to be decorating, although it's had its first quarter paint and it was a spray coat of paint. we still want to put it on the final two coats of paint as well. and then finally carpets to go down and there's a little bits of joinery work still to be done, like fitting the handles to the doors, the doors themselves have to still be treated. And, and then the house will be pretty much ready. We're expecting the house to be ready. Around end of March, beginning of April and ready to go on the market. 

I hope you've enjoyed this slightly different, video. it might be a little bit hooky as the first time that I've used this sort of handheld device. It probably takes a little bit of getting used to it, As it's a  different technique. 

Jim J Davidson
Jim J Davidson

Property Developer, Trainer & Coach, Jim's first property investment was an HMO in the student district of Edinburgh in property in 1973. His company Fyneside Developments Ltd. began developing new build residential properties in 2005.

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