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 The project that we're going to be following over the coming weeks and months is situated on a golf course. It was an old farm steading and as you can see, this is the approach from the clubhouse going down this road, between the fairway until you come to where the development will start.  

These are the farm steadings, and these buildings were in a poor state of repair and the council required that a full report be carried out, to prove that they were un-economic to develop. Councils don't like to knock down existing buildings. 

The very fact that you see there's an existing building and you think, I'm going to put a much bigger house on here and knock down the smaller house isn't necessarily correct that you're going to get planning for that. 

A report was compiled and as you can see from these pictures, it was indeed in a very bad state of repair. Having deemed being uneconomic to repair planning permission was granted. 

Here's some artist's impressions of the three other houses that were built on this development. And we're going to move to some live footage here, which I shot in January and February of this year showing these houses that have now been erected and they are pretty much near to completion. I should point out to you that I am out of the breath in this particular clip because I had just claimed quite a high embankment.

This is the development of four houses. As you can see, three of them are nearing completion and the fourth house is going to be built from scratch. 

Now we come to the actual development itself that we're going to be showcasing over the coming months. This is a site plan and as you'll see there are four houses there, as I've said before, three of these houses have already been developed and in fact two of them are now occupied, although there's still some external work going on with the houses. 

As you will see from the site plan, a couple of the houses have actually quite extensive gardens and in fact the largest has almost an acre of ground. You might be wondering why we did not space these houses out and it came down to a planning condition. The planning condition was that they wanted the houses, the new build houses to basically follow the same footprint as the existing steading that they were replacing. 

I kind of think it would have been much nicer to have given each of those houses much more space. Nevertheless, that's the condition they imposed and would only allow the planning, to go forward on that basis. We are going to be developing probably the smallest of the four plots, but nevertheless beautiful house in a stunning location. So, when we look at this next visual, which is an artist impression of the house, we can see that it's going to be a beautiful looking house. It's got stone cladding which is real stone and larch cladding on the outside. 

Internally on the ground floor is the living room, one-bedroom which has its own en-suite, which is also accessible from the hall. Then there the kitchen with a dining area. Finally, on the ground floor we have the utility room, which is accessible from the outside by the front door and the main hallway inside. 

Then we go upstairs and there's two further bedrooms, both again have en-suits, the master one, having a nice dressing area with plenty of closet or wardrobe space and will be beautifully decked out en-suite bathroom. 

The movement space around this house is particularly good. There's also a room there that's marked as a linen cupboard, which we're going to turn that into a home office. 

Although it wouldn't have its own light, nevertheless, it's a good size space and particularly these days with so many people, working from home and particularly, filming this, during the Covid 19, crisis or pandemic. Therefore, this has become much more important on people's minds. So, having a home space to work on I think is pretty desirable in new build houses. What we're going to do now is to move on to some further live footage, that I shot at the site again in January and February of this year 

From the upper floor of the house, this is the view you are going to be able to see down the fairway. Fairly central to the golf course and in an absolutely stunning location of course, but a little messy as there's still work going on. The area still has to be tidied up before we start building and has a lot of equipment on it from the build of the other houses. This will of course be removed before we start staking out the ground and the foundations. 

In the next video, we're going to show you the site having been cleared and the staking out starting. 

Jim J Davidson
Jim J Davidson

Property Developer, Trainer & Coach, Jim's first property investment was an HMO in the student district of Edinburgh in property in 1973. His company Fyneside Developments Ltd. began developing new build residential properties in 2005.

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