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In this episode, we've almost completed the second house foundations ready for the concrete pour. In other words, we've put in the drainage, the hardcore, the sand blinding, the damp proof membrane, and we are installing the insulation on the first house foundations. We are doing the concrete pour, which will complete the foundations.

Let's go and have a look at the progress of this two-house development.

Second foundation infill has been taking place. What we have here is all the pop-ups, as you will see, for the drainage. This has to be fixed before the concrete pour so that they are in the right place for the completed house. These are the two bathrooms downstairs and the down pipe coming from upstairs is just here and then the rest of this will be infilled later on today. Then the blinding will go on top of that.

We have a mixture of sand and cement and just really rough core in there between the blocks which is fairly firm at the moment. But once it rains and gets wet, this will harden up. We've got the exteriors of the drains coming out as you've seen in previous videos, this is embedded in pea gravel, so it protects the pipe if there is movement in the ground.

This is the second load of concrete for the oversite and it is taking two loads in order to complete the oversite of the foundation. As you will see it's being smoothed out prior to us unloading the second concrete delivery.

The concrete will be completed here today and then we are preparing for Monday next week the site of the second house to be similarly filled with the insulation, the reinforcement, and another topping of damp proof membrane. This will be ready for concreting on Monday, along with the arrival of the first house kit.

Jim J Davidson
Jim J Davidson

Property Developer, Trainer & Coach, Jim's first property investment was an HMO in the student district of Edinburgh in property in 1973. His company Fyneside Developments Ltd. began developing new build residential properties in 2005.

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