Property Developers Experience Day is about uncovering the challenges you will face as a property developer and how to overcome them.

Come and spend a day with us and we will show you what it takes to become a property developer and meet like minded individuals aspiring to travel the same path as you.



Registration, Refund, Refreshments and Networking

10am - 11:30am

SESSION 1: Finding Land

In this critical session you’re going to learn how to find off market land and the structure you must have so that you can build a consistent land pipeline. Here is what we will cover:

  • How to find off market land
  • How to value land
  • How to achieve 25% to 33% profit on GDV
  • Why you must build a land pipeline

11:30am - 11:50am


11:50am - 12:20pm

SESSION 2: Structuring Your Business for Wealth & Cash Flow

It's important to structure your property development business so you create assets, cash flow and mitigate your risk.

12:20pm - 1:30pm

SESSION 3: Funding Your Deals

Property development requires a lot of money, but it does not need to be your money.

Even if you have substantial money reserves you will eventually run out of money, so it is essential you know how to raise money from traditional sources and investors.

1:30pm - 2:30pm


2:30pm - 4:30pm


We want you to leave with all your questions and previous delegates have told us how valuable they found this session.

Who is this for?

Contractors and construction business owners who want to become developers themselves.
Existing property investors wanting to scale and venture into bigger projects.
Industry professionals: architects, engineers & quantity surveyors, etc. who want to become developers.
Entrepreneurs and business owners that want to build a development business.

Who is this NOT for?

Self-Builders who are not looking to build a property business.
Looking for a get rich quick scheme.
Unwilling to invest in themselves to avoid making expensive mistakes.
Are not prepared to follow a time tested process.

Your Questions Answered

Is this not just a sales presentation for another course?

We naturally hope you will decide to continue your property development training with us.

However the main goal of this event is for you and us to discover if property development is right for you. If you know it is right for you then we recommend you enrol in our Property Developers Mastery Programme.

If you are not sure if property development is right for you then we recommend you attend this event. Afterall the only cost to you is time and some travel. We will answer all your questions and concerns so you can make an informed decision.

However this event has value in itself and the best way to explain this is to allow one of our former delegates explain it in his own words.

"Thanks for a really insightful day. Was dubious at first but glad I made the trip as so many things learned. Let the Deals Begin!!"  Ben Caines - Shepton Mallet

Why do you have a waitlist?

Considerable time, effort & expense go into organising these events. We need to ensure there is enough demand before we set a date and location for the event. 

Where is the event held?

In the past we have held them in London & Birmingham. However we will hold then is other locations if there is enough demand in that part of the country. 

How much does it cost to attend?

At this stage all we are asking you to do is register your interest in attending this one day event. We will notify you when the next available date is published. 

If you then decide to attend we will ask you for a £99 deposit (including VAT) which will be fully refunded on the day when you arrive to attend the event. In essence the event is FREE to attend. 

If you fail to attend on the day or cancel less than 8 days before the event then the deposit will not be returned to you. This is because we have to confirm the numbers to the hotel 8 days before the event and pay whether you attend or not.   

Why do you take a deposit if this is a FREE event?

 There are several reasons we charge a deposit:

1) - We found in the past people would book and then not show up. 

2) - This denied other people a place on the programme.

3) - It shows you are serious about property development.

4) - We have to pay & confirm the numbers to the hotel 8 days before the event.

5) - People will cancel if they can't attend rather than just now show up. 

Why do you need my phone number?

Security issues installed on by Apple, google and the like often means that emails do not reach you. Therefore we have found sending you a text is much more reliable to communicate. It's therefore important that you provide us with a valid mobile phone number. 

Do I need to pay for lunch and refreshments? 

Refreshments are provided on arrival, at the morning beak and at lunchtime along with lunch. This is provided on us as a way of saying thank you for taking the time to attend. 

This Event Is For You

The Property Developers Experience Day is FREE to attend.

However the hotel will charge us whether you attend or not and so we ask for a reservation fee of £99. This is a fully refundable fee that is refunded as soon as you arrive and register.

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