You want to be a Property Developer

BUT...You can't get started because ...YOU can't find land at a price that makes YOUR project viable!
All you want to get started! 

Do you find that land is Too Expensive, Too Scarce and there is Too Much Competition? how experienced property developers source off market land and buy at the right price with little or no competition!

In this exclusive Land Finding Mini Course, you'll discover the simple formula we use and teach our clients to find off market land at a way below market value. One recent client found 200+ sites in under 28 days!

We will reveal the three steps you need to take to find viable off market land

Secret #1

How to find off market land with little or no competition

Secret #2

How to properly evaluate the land and take into account all the costs

Secret #3

How to secure a great land deal without any money until planning has been approved

About Your Presenter

An award winning international speaker and property investor since 1973 completing his first new build in 2006.

Jim J Davidson, DTM

Property Developer

Jim purchased his first off market land in 2005 at over 53% below market value with no money down and netted a six figure sum from a single house build. 

More Highlights From Our Presentation

Our breakthrough land finding map guides you through the entire process of finding off market land.  You get your own personal copy for just showing up. Previously only shared with our private clients. 
The off market land finding system that a recent client used to find 45 in 45 London! Most people will tell you it can't be done.
Our stress free negotiation system for that even introverts love.
Discover how to secure sites without money until full planning has been approved!  This allows you build a land pipeline so you never run out of sites to develop. 
Learn our land for cash system where you sell sites to other property developers or self-builders that you either don't want or are too big for you to develop. 

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Imagine finding land at a price that makes your project not only profitable but being able to secure it without the risk of being outbid because no one else is looking at it. This is how professional property developers build a successful property development business fast with real profits and 

YOU can too!

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