Are you FRUSTRAITED by your lack of progress in your property business?  

Have you been let down by gurus? 

They tell you property is easy money and financial freedom is just around the corner. 

The truth is that the business model these gurus are teaching is outdated!

Not only is it outdated, but it won't survive the next property crash. 

The REAL MONEY in property has always been in Ground Up Property Development. That is why I adopted this business model back in 2005 and completed my first new build in 2006. 

However, I am not going to tell you this is an easy business.  The rewards are there as long as you are prepared to work hard and manage your risk. 

If you are still interested in the idea of becoming a ground up property developer, then I have some good news for you.

I am over the next few months going to be holding live Q & A sessions where you can get all your questions answered.  I may in the future charge for these sessions, but for now they will be free.

If you are interested in joining me for any or all of these sessions, then please click on the button below.

Once we have a small group of people who have shown interest then I will set up the first Q & A session. You will only be notified if you are on our list. 

About Your Presenter

An award winning international speaker and property investor since 1973 completing his first new build in 2006.

Jim J Davidson, DTM

Property Developer

Jim purchased his first off market land in 2005 at over 53% below market value with no money down and netted a six figure sum from a single house build. 

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